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News Corp plans January LinkedIn deal
November 30, 2007, 4:06 pm
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Rupert Murdoch, News CorpTechCrunch reported last week that News Corp is in talks with LinkedIn about a possible buyout and rumors about the talks continue to be leaked, now into the VC community.

With the acquisition of Dow Jones due to complete in December, the possiblity of a News Corp/LinkedIn tie up blossoming in January will likely catch rival media outlets on the hop. The goal for News Corp has to be to integrate the LinkedIn network of 12 million users with its plans to free up newspaper websites – most likely to be spearheaded with the Wall Street Journal when the new ‘free’ access model is launched.

 News Corp is no novice in the social media area, having been shrewd enough to bag MySpace for $580m in 2005, just double what Microsoft shelled out on only 1.6 per cent of Facebook in October. What is more, News Corp needs to stem falling revenue from classifieds that marketers are increasingly channelling into social media.